The Problem with Liberals

Liberals have made our society ridiculous.

Employing their fanatical preoccupation with safety, liberals have piled truckloads of ridiculous regulations and safety measures onto our every day lives.

Who wants to live in a society like this?

Just as no one in China wanted to wear, much less get caught dead in, a Mao suit, no one in America wants to live a life under these excessive and burdensome safety measures.

This is not to say that a certain amount of safety is not good; what it is saying is that too much safety is bad.

Liberals do not comprehend this. For them there is no limit on safety. The more the better. Full steam ahead.

What did Thomas Jefferson say? We should do no more good than the public can bear. This is a lesson lost on liberals.

Currently in my medical office the state has required that we place these ridiculous contraptions on to the outlets where our vaccine refrigerators plug into the wall. Apparently some genius felt that there was a one in ten million chance that the plug would become accidentally disconnected thus spoiling the vaccines.

In my entire life I have never accidentally disconnected the cord from the back of a refrigerator principally because the width of my body is greater than three inches. Nor have I ever heard an anecdotal report of such an occurrence. No friend of mine in fifty-five years of consciousness has come up to me in a casual conversation and said, “Gee, Archer, I accidentally disconnected the cord from the back of my refrigerator and spoiled a month’s worth of food.”

I have a movie in my mind of happy government liberals sitting around cheerfully passing resolutions of safety. “Wouldn’t this be a good idea? Wouldn’t that be a good idea? Why don’t we institute this ridiculous requirement? Why don’t we institute that ridiculous idea? The universe might collapse back to the singularity. Shouldn’t we require Doctor Crosley to have a contingency plan in place in his office should that happen?” All the liberals giggle like chipmunks and say, “Yes, that would be a good idea. Good idea, Marty.”

As stated previously, who wants to live in a society like this?


Hit’em Where it Hurts

You have to stop watching television.

Television is where they, the rich, the celebrities, the elites, the financial robber-barons, make their astronomical sums of money. Television is what makes them famous. Television gives them their power.

Television makes them think that they are more important than you.

Television makes you think they’re more important than you.

Television awards millions to them.

Television takes millions from you.

Television makes them rich.

Television makes you poor.

Television is not your life; it is their life.

They don’t give a damn about your life except as a consumer of what is going on in their lives.

Everything they own comes from you.

If you want to change the world, cut them out of your life.

It may be tough to do it first, but it can be done, it has been done.

All of the national and international corporations, all of the national and international celebrities, all of these people and companies who work against you, even as you are the one who is responsible for their existence in the first place, derive their power from television.

If you want to chop them down, cut them off at the source; stop watching television.

There is nothing they can do to stop you.

You don’t need them; they need you.

The Best Way to Protest

Let us say that you have a job, you work hard, you’re not satisfied with the way things are going and you want to make your voice heard. What is the best way to do that?

Many conservatives, including myself, would like to get together in an organization, a new type of organization, a third-party, in order to try and reform policy in the United States.

It sounds like a good idea, right?

But what if it is not a good idea? What if that type of idea goes contrary to what needs to be done to reform the country?

Conservatives are stating that there is a lack of accountability in our society today. They say we need to get back to personal responsibility, and that we need to have a greater sense of individualism rather then collectivism.

If this is the case, then how can this be accomplished with a collectivist methodology?

How can a greater sense of personal responsibility emanate from a tool that fundamentally encourages people to act in a communal or collective manner?

Besides, how many times have we seen in the past twenty or thirty years the powers-that-be hijack a third-party movement by subtly instituting their candidate, with the help of the media, as the official representative or spokesman of that third-party movement? I have seen two cases in my life lifetime, Ross Perot and Ted Cruz.

Lincoln stated that no political change was possible until public sentiment had changed. If this is the case then Lincoln offers a pathway.

As most conservatives are individualists who desire for the government to leave them alone, a collectivist methodology is puzzling and contrary to their nature. Conservatives tend to be stubborn people who find it difficult to put differences aside and and get together. In contrast liberals tend to be people who enjoy sticking together and as such have less of a problem putting their differences aside.

Knowing this, conservatives rush to their weakness when they attempt a collectivist methodology for trying to solve issues.

Suppose that conservatives stuck to their strengths. Suppose that conservatives decided to reform the federal government and the country not by getting together where they are more likely to be herded together like cattle and led into a slaughterhouse but by staying separate and going their own way, by reasserting their rugged individualism.

You see, in the final analysis, conservatives don’t need big government and big corporations; they need conservatives; and for these large entities to run, even inefficiently, they need conservatives even more.

The best way for conservatives to be effective is to protest by asserting their individualism.

As an individual, you can choose to support a stronger local government while shunning your national congressman and senator, who could not care less about you anyway. You can refuse to purchase national products. You can refuse to support national and international celebrities. You can refuse to attend national sporting events. There are plenty of local options.

You can dial down your television which is nothing more than a tool of the national government anyway.

When you do all of these things, or at least in part, whatever you can manage to contribute, you send a very powerful message to the powers-that-be, a message that will not sit well with them. In essence you are telling them: I’m no longer going to worry about you; you better start worrying about me.

As I stated previously, you don’t need them, they need you. When you choose to walk away, and you are not doing it in concert, they will begin to change all on their own. They will figure it out. And you won’t need to get together, you won’t need to select a standard bearer. It will all occur through the invisible hand.

You will feel better as a person. You will no longer be spending hours by the radio getting worked up into a lather by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Mark Levin – all, interestingly enough, beneficiaries of a national audience – who while intelligent offer only an outlet of rage and unworkable methodologies.

As you become more of an individual, as you decide to go it alone, the powers-that-be will decentralize all on their own volition in order to bring you back into the fold.

Thus, you again can become the master of your own fate.

Privilege and Dodging Bullets

When you graduate from an Ivy League school, doors open for you. It is a fact of life whether the Ivy League graduate wants to admit it or not.

Ivy League graduates tend to look out for each other as birds of a feather flock together. Plus, the people of the United States have been conditioned for hundreds of years now to believe in the superiority of the Ivy League graduate, a wrong belief, but a topic for a different article on a different day.

Not only do doors open but mistakes are glossed over as bad luck, bad timing, lack of information and so forth. Mistakes are glossed over for reasons. One, people generally want to be charitable. Two, people have for their entire lives been served up a steady diet of Kool-aid with a flavor stating how superior the Ivy League graduate is. To admit that the Ivy League graduate is fallible represents a repudiation of one’s value system and a need to go back to the drawing board, that is to say, work, an unpalatable option.

Because mistakes are glossed over, the superiority of the Ivy League graduate is reenforced. The unfortunate result is that the Ivy League graduate pushes forward with impunity leaving a wake of destruction in his or her path. They are not unlike Tom and Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, which brings us to Ebola.

The President, Harvard Obama, and his Ivy League men, Columbia Frieden, Cornell Fauci and Harvard Burwell have dodged a bullet on Ebola. They have made mistakes. You have seen them blame their mistakes on the nurses for breaking protocol. You have seen almost no one except for a few people, negative wet blankets obviously, call for their resignations.

A prudent, humble man at this point would be scared shitless, breathe a sigh of relief and change course to immediately enforce a travel ban.

These Ivy League graduates will not. They will not because they believe they are infallible and because to reverse course and embrace your position to enforce a travel ban would constitute a gross violation of their value system which stares that they are superior to you. To listen to a commoner is unthinkable to them for in their mind they are nobles superior to you despite their carefully crafted displays of faux humility.

Their superiority is reenforced by the phony plaudits and medals that they so readily and eagerly award each other. The truly humble man would neither desire nor accept such awards.

Hence, we will all move forward at extreme risk to our nation. The door is again wide open for the Ivy League graduate, and it will remain open until you decide to shut it.

As for me, I call for the President and his Ivy League men to resign.

I am shutting the door.

Most Importantly

There is one thing we must do after we survive the Ebola crisis which will claim tens of millions of lives in the United States and billions of lives around the world.

We must shut down the Ivy League and all other so-called prestigious schools. It is these elitist schools and their superstar “enlightened ones” who through corporate and government greed have wreaked the havoc we now face.

Brick by brick these schools in their entirety must be taken down and pulverized into dust, never to arise again, the dust taken out to sea, the ground beneath their former standing rendered permanently infirm lest men think resurrection possible.

Their graduates past and current must be given no place in our history books, only a reminder that there existed a time of misguided men who thought themselves important and so hijacked and then destroyed our country.

Because these enlightened ones where so enamored of awarding themselves medals and titles, we must resolve to eschew such a practice. Hence, all of their awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize, the Peabody award, Rhodes scholarships, Fulbright scholarships, Nobel prizes, and all other awards shall be stricken and forbidden.

Their current graduates, in entirety, must be given no place in the affairs of our new nation. For their duplicity, arrogance and self-serving behavior they must be denied all opportunity of expression, commerce, privacy and accumulation of capital, that which they denied to us.

For those who think this punishment too severe, I would say that actions have consequences. For those who think that we should at least salvage something, I would say that bad seeds produce bad fruit.

We can learn much from our Amish brothers.


I am now of the opinion that the President is delusional. Obsessed and enamored with his greatness and his legacy, he is absolutely certain of his beliefs and judgment, so much so that he will play Russian roulette with the American people regarding Ebola.

Why should Americans have to live under this cloak of fear?

A prudent man would say aloud, “Maybe I haven’t thought this out correctly. Maybe I’m wrong.”

A strong man, secure in his intelligence and abilities, is unafraid to admit his weaknesses.

It is the insecure, weak man who is boastful and absolutely certain. It is the weak man who brooks no criticism.

It is the weak man who digs in his heels when challenged.

The prudent man listens to others and covers all the bases. The cocksure zealot charges forward with an all-or-none policy.

The word delusional has its roots in the word play. To delude is to play from, or in this case to play from reality. A delusional man therefore plays from reality.

The reality is that this Ebola virus is a deadly killer that makes the bubonic plague look like Mary Poppins. Yet the President bragged the other day of having gone down to Emory Hospital and hugged staff who had taken care of an Ebola patient. Now, of course, this could just be political bravado, but its intent to minimize the contagiousness of the Ebola virus demonstrates the President’s complete lack of a realistic approach to this disease.

The President is truly delusional. We can not as a people be led by such a man. The President must be asked to step down.

I ask the President to resign.

Please resign now, Mr. President.

People Should be Calm

The President urges us to be calm regarding the Ebola virus. People should not panic.

An almost pathognomonic sign of a liberal Marxist is the use of the word should.

People should be kind; people should be courteous; please should not lie; people should do unto others as they would have others do unto them; people say please and thank you.

Of course, people don’t, which is why we have laws and a penal system.

You would think a President who graduated from Harvard Law would understand this; but if you thought that you would be wrong.

The idealist works in a petri dish, a glass vessel housing a shielded environment where all the “shoulds” in life can be controlled.

The President lived in such an environment for much of his life. It is called academia.

Most of us, however, live in the messiness of the real world, a world not ideal, where people do panic, where people do not wash their hands according to NIH protocol, and where people do lie about their symptoms for any number of reasons.

The President’s advice comes principally from academics who also have lived their entire lives, like the President, in a petri dish.

Their ideas are unworkable in the real world; they are unworkable because the “shoulds” that are controlled in their glass vessel, their petri dish, are not controlled in the real world.

We will suffer greatly as a nation.